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Should You Replace Your Storefront Windows?

If you own any kind of brick-and-mortar business, you already know that your commercial storefront is where it all starts. Since it’s the first place your customers see, it’s vital to keep that glass looking good. However, after a certain point, cleaning and polishing just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’re thinking about replacing your storefront windows, it’s probably already past time! Here are a few signs that you’re overdue for commercial window replacement at your business.

Severe Scratches

It’s normal to have a few scratches appear on your storefront glass after a few years, but if the scratches are multiplying, it’s a sign that your glass may need replacement. After a while, all glass types begin to lose integrity the more they’re scratched, and the more damage is done to the glass, the more you’re risking breakage. Plus, no business owner wants big, ugly scratches ruining their storefront’s curb appeal!

Chipping or Cracking

Chips or cracks are surefire signs that you should replace your storefront glass since even small chips and cracks can compromise the glass. If your windows have experienced chipping or cracking, reach out to us ASAP for same-day glass repair and we’ll be right there to help.

Just like scratches, chips and cracks can also tank your business’s visual appeal. Don’t turn away potential shoppers or diners because your glass has seen better days. A replacement will solve your problems quickly and easily!


Even after the cold weather goes away, does your glass still look frozen or “misty?” There might be moisture trapped between panes or mildew building up inside the windows, and that problem is quite difficult to deal with since it means your windows have a hidden gap somewhere that’s letting in all that air. If this issue continues to pop up, you might be better off with a total glass replacement.

Energy Inefficiency

Did you know that your windows might be affecting your building’s energy efficiency? It’s true. Old-fashioned single-paned glass windows let hot and cold air straight through the building and make your HVAC system work harder. If you notice your energy bills creeping higher and higher, it’s time to replace your storefront windows with more energy-efficient ones!

Safety or Security Issues

Do you worry about the flimsiness of your storefront glass? It’s definitely time to replace your windows if security is an issue at your business. You don’t want anyone harming people or property at your retail store, restaurant, or any other location, even if that harm simply comes in the form of a stray tree branch knocking against your window. Don’t take the risk that your glass will break. Have your windows replaced and sleep peacefully again!

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